Chelsea Mtada is a poet, performer, and 
visual storyteller.

Chelsea is a British-Zimbabwean poet and writer who is based in London. Born in 1998, she is a visual poet who uses her work to document narratives of her journey from girl to womanhood.


She is currently studying creative writing at Birkbeck, University of London and works as the Arts & Culture Editor for youth-led media publication; GUAP Magazine.


DAUGHTER is her first poetry collection that explores themes of love, trauma, sacrifice, and gratitude. Chelsea Mtada believes that the written word of poetry is only the foundation of this art form.


With the release of this collection, Chelsea will continue to captivate the world with her stunning self-produced and directed poetry films. As well as including public speaking and poetry readings as a key part of connecting women and girls from all over the world through poetry.

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